Cycles per Dollar

A graph of cycles per dollar

A while ago, I found an interesting article that discussed the cleanup and analysis of the Mike Pan Cycles render benchmark data. There was some interesting information; however, I still had some questions.

My Question

Because my computer is incapable of GPU rendering and has a relatively slow processor, I have considered building my own workstation for some time now. However, I wanted to know which video card would be best.

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New Blog for New Stuff

This is my new blog. I am planning to transfer my stuff from Incompetence to here in an effort to be more positive (and to boost my self esteem by proving that I am not incompetent… Maybe.)

Also, I would like to increase the scope of what I post. Currently, incompetence is bogged down by being Blender and Linux specific. I would prefer to post other things as well such as baking and decorating projects. Who knows, I might even post pictures of my cat (which I don’t have)

Tip: Cameras and Terminals

While I was playing with Blender today, I found two new features!

Look! I'm a camera!First, I found out that you can make any object a camera. All you need to do I select the  object you want to use and press ctl-numpad[0]. This shortcut has been used to select the active camera for a long time. However, this is the first time I’ve seen it used to make any object the active camera. It’s nice, but I don’t see it as being too useful since you cannot access any of the camera settings (focal length, depth of field etc.) since cubes don’t need those settings. My advice, parent a camera to the object and do it that way.

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KWord/Words and Fonts

If you are a Linux user, you know that fonts don’t always look their best. A prime example is the font rendering issues with KWord/Words

Words, formally known as KWord, is the the word processor in the Calligra Suite, formally KOffice. Through not quite as full featured as LibreOffice, Words offers a clean user interface that is good compromise between Word 2007’s ribbon interface and the LibreOffice docker interface.

However, in addition to the awkward name change, Words editor interface features font rendering that is ugly and boarders on unreadable without proper configuration. In an effort to make this potentially great application usable I set out on a quest to make the fonts render right. Continue reading